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Why wait? Any day is a good day to start your weight loss and every day you wait is a lost day. If you start now, you will lose your first pounds next week! So do not allow an upcoming celebration or event or anything else to prevent you from starting!

After finishing reading this page you can get started by using the BMI calculator and if you have a BMI of over 25 you should start a diet plan to lose weight.


If you would like to know more about the product you can start
by ordering a free sample from us. We will be more than happy to send you one of the flavors Chocolate, Strawberry or Vanilla. Just fill out the form you can find on each page!


_MG_2672You can also contact us for a free consultation. We will explain the plan and you can taste all the products! Simply give one of our coaches a call for an appointment.


If you have decided to lose weight on your own you can simply 3 phaseslose weight by following three simple phases. In phase one you will replace regular food by 5 replacement meal shakes per day for two weeks. After two weeks you move to phase two and you can take 3 replacement meal shakes every day for instance for breakfast, lunch and in the afternoon, and introduce a light regular meal for dinner. In the third phase you continue to take 1 to 3 shakes/soups/desserts per day to stay on track.


You can order the products on-line in our store and we will ship right to your door. If you want consultation or regular coaching, we will still be very happy to support you long-distance by text messaging, phone consultation and email!

The choice is yours!

Start today to change your life!


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