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Three real beneficial diet tips   arrow

Woman sips Flesh Tone SmoothieTip 1: When you are feeling hungry, drink a glass of water or another calorie free drink. Sometimes that is all you need to get rid of your hunger. When you are on a diet, any diet, you should at least drink 8 glasses of water of 8oz daily. Cambridge Diet Arizona has some flavored waters that are great to drink while containing zero calories!

Tip 2: It can be a challenge to eat less calories than you burn. But the only way to lose weight is doing just that. If you eat 4 to 5 meals per day you will find that it is easier to control your hunger than when you skip meals and try to eat as little as possible. Eventually your hunger is going to win it from your willpower. So divide your daily calorie intake into smaller meals throughout the day. Or have a tasty, healthy and fulfilling meal replacement shake in between meals. You can order at www.cambridgedietarizona.com.

Tip 3: Your body needs fiber to aid digestion, to prevent constipation, and to lower cholesterol — and fibers can help with weight loss. Most people get only half the fiber they need. Ideally, women should get about 25 grams daily, while men need about 38 grams — or 14 grams per 1,000 calories. Good fiber sources include oatmeal, beans, whole grain foods, nuts, and most fruits and vegetables.


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