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3 phasesFast Start Plan, phase 1

Following the Cambridge Diet is easy if you follow the three simple phases. In phase one during the Fast Start Plan you will replace all food with five Cambridge Diet Replacement Meals and you will  lose weight fast. That will motivate you to continue with the next phase! With the Fast Start Plan you will lose between five and fifteen pounds without a problem in two weeks.

Regular Plan, phase 2

This program is suitable for any weight loss goal and can be adapted to any lifestyle. The Regular Plan combines three servings of Cambridge Diet Replacement Meals with one calorie controlled meal per day. Two conventional meals, usually breakfast and lunch, are replaced by Cambridge Diet Meals. The third meal, mostly dinner, should be preceded with a Cambridge Diet Meal about half an hour before normal mealtime. Always make sure to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water or other non-caloric beverages – you could drink the Cambridge Crystal Beverages because they contain zero calories, are cheap – about a dollar per gallon! – and delicious!

Maintenance Plan, phase 3

This program is for persons who have followed phase two successfully and want to maintain their healthy weight. During the Maintenance Plan you continue to use Cambridge Diet Meals but gradually increase the amount of conventional food and decrease the number of Cambridge Diet Meals until your weight stabilizes. Most users find that replacing one or two meals from conventional food with Cambridge Meals works best for them. And because a shake is easy and fast to prepare, a lot of people use it as breakfast and have it on the go! It is nutritious and tasteful and there are 22 flavors to choose from!

Lifetime Nutrition Program

Cambridge Meals contain all the nutrition your body needs so you can use it as long as you want! The shakes are a regular treat also for your children! The Lifetime Nutrition Program is the companion of the Weight Loss Plans and can be used by anyone regardless of weight. For maximum benefit, you should consume three Cambridge servings per day as a meal, as part of a meal or as snack. This insures you are receiving 100% of all the vitamins and minerals required for good health and you need not to worry about the relative nutritional content of your regular meals!


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