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Following a Cambridge Diet is as easy as one-two-three. Millions have gone before you and successfully used the replacement meals to lose weight. Cambridge Diet is used all over the world in 24 countries and is proven to work for millions of people! Since its introduction 30 years ago about 25 million people have used Cambridge Diet to slim down and get healthy. Because all the necessary nutrients are in Cambridge Diet Replacement Meal Shakes, Soups and Dessert you will feel better along the way and, apart from the first days, you will not even feel hungry!

Our on-line store

If you go to our on-line store (see menu above) you will be re-directed to the Cambridge Diet USA web site and you can easily select the products you like and pay safely.

The products usually ship the next business day but if you order before 1PM Mountain Time we might even ship the same day. We will deliver the products usually after three to five days right at your door using UPS. If you order the two week or 30-day plans you will also receive all the documentation you need to be successful. And you can always contact us for advice and guidance. We will be happy to help!



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