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330 Sampler Pack 100% Money Back Guarantee

Money Back GuaranteeAfter my personal experience with the Cambridge Diet, I am so convinced that you too, can look and feel better, that I am offering you my personal guarantee! I discovered that by having three Cambridge drinks daily without exception, and eating sensibly, I lost weight and felt much better. And since my body was getting all the nutrition it needed, I did not crave snacks.

All I ask is that you conscientiously do the following:

  • Consume 3 servings of Cambridge daily – it provides your daily nutritional needs
  • Drink plenty of water – it flushes your system
  • Eat sensibly – the fewer calories you consumer, the more weight you lose
  • Exercise really helps burn calories – 15 walks are pleasant, and helps your body metabolize calories

At the end of the 330 Sampler Pack, if you can honestly say that you do not look and feel batter, mail in your receipt and I will cheerfully refund the full purchase price.

– Ralph Schulz (President, Cambridge Direct Sales)

*Note 100% Guarantee only valid for 30 days of receipt of order. We do not refund shipping fees. Guarantee only valid in first purchase, limit 1 per customer. Call 1.800.4.health for authorization to return product and return address.


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