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Balance your exercises

zumbaBalancing your exercises is the best way to stay fit and lose weight. Your activities should consist of cardio, which you can achieve by walking, even better, running, rope jumping or swimming or any activity that increases your heart rate and is good for your lungs. If you want to do some cardio at home, try Zumba videos. You can find plenty of them in You Tube if you type in ‘zumba’.

Next to cardio you should do some strength or resistance training by lifting weights or lifting your own weight (as in sit-ups, crunches or squatting). When you try to lose weight, there is a risk that you lose muscle and to compensate for that you should definitely do some weight or resistance training. Muscle burns more calories so it is important to keep your muscles in shape. 10 to 15 minutes a day already helps a lot.

Important is that when you exercise, always exercise intense and short. Long and slow exercising is a waste of time and mostly boring, and it is just not as effective as intense, short bursts of activity.

And to balance it all you should try yoga. Yoga adds flexibility and increases your range of motion. Simple ways to do yoga is by following videos on-line. Try http://www.gaia.com or the many others out there.

And when you are all done, don’t waste all your efforts by eating a large calorie rich meal but try a healthy meal replacement shake. You can order the best shakes at www.cambridgedietarizona.com. These shakes are not only delicious but they are packed with all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs. They are all about the right balance!


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