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Why should you boost your metabolism?

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Your metabolism determines how fast your body burns calories. And for every 3500 calories your body burns you lose one pound. So what can you do to speed up your metabolism?

1.       Build Muscle. If you do not exercise while on a diet, you are likely to lose some muscle. And because muscle burns most calories, losing muscle slows down the process of weight loss. So try to incorporate some strength training in your exercises!

2.       Eat more often. Your metabolism is stimulated when you eat every 3 to 4 hours. So do not try to lose weight by skipping means or by eating large meals with many hours in between.  Meal replacement shakes are an excellent alternative to make sure you eat regular small meals. Try to eat 4 to 5 small meals each day or have some shakes between meals.

3.       Eat protein. When you have a meal, make sure your meal contains protein. When your body digests protein it burns more calories than it does when you eat fat or carbs. Good sources of protein are lean beef, fish, white meat, nuts, eggs, turkey.

So when you want to lose weight on a Cambridge Diet you should not only drink shakes all the time. When you do, your metabolism will start slowing down after a few week. Make sure you switch up having shakes with protein rich small meals. And do your exercises!

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