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Losing weight is about improving your health

HeartHealthRegularly I notice discussions about feeling good in your skin in spite of being overweight. And of course those are good discussions to have because no-one should be ashamed of how they look. But you should take good care of your body because you will live in it your whole life! And taking good care does not mean ‘eat all the food you want’. Our bodies are like very fine tuned machines and will run best when the right fuel in the right amounts is put into it!

It’s simple; a body that is overweight will not function as well as a body that is at the correct weight and in shape. Weight puts strain on your ligaments and joints and can even limit mobility. And overweight increases the risk for strokes and heart problems and a whole lot of other issues. That is what is important. It is not really about how you look, it is about your health!

People feel so much better if they lose their (over-)weight! Feeling better starts already after losing 10 to 15 pounds so you will experience the benefits already after a few weeks! The best way to lose weight is by limiting your calorie intake on a daily basis. For instance, if you are a regular soda drinker, stop that right away! There is an awful lot of sugar in those drinks and that will keep you drinking them. And if you frequently eat out, skip the appetizers and the desserts and pick out something from the menu that does not contain many calories.

And if you are really serious about losing weight faster, go to www.cambridgedietarizona.com and contact one of our coaches/distributors or order some meal replacement shakes. The shakes contain all the vitamins and minerals your body needs and are only 110-140 calories per meal. You can still have one regular meal each day. You will feel great and you will lose 3-5 pounds per week without feeling hungry.

And after a few weeks and 15 pounds lighter, you will already start feeling a lot better! Guaranteed!

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