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Is probiotics the solution to your weight problems?

scary-pillsI recently read an advertisement, which was written as a sort of scientific paper, about a probiotic product. The article claims that luckily, researchers in Boston have developed a “.. breakthrough probiotic supplement that actually assists in weight loss…”. And “the revolutionary new formula that helps you lose weight, burn fat, ease diarrhea and relieve constipation, reduce gas and bloating, improve overall digestive health..”

I do not doubt that this product assists in weight loss because if it relieves constipation, that alone helps to reduce weight, right? And the article doesn’t claim that a person will actually lose weight, it only claims that the product assists in weight loss. So legally the text of the advertisement is correct. Millions of Americans suffer from digestive issues and even more Americans are overweight, so the best way to sell this product is to claim that finally, Americans can slim down and improve their digestive health with one product.

But I have my doubts about the effect of this ‘revolutionary’ product, is able to help millions of Americans slim down. Let’s say it how it is: if you are overweight or, worse, if you are obese, you can only lose a substantial amount of weight if you actually consume (a lot) less calories than you have done during the time you packed on the pounds. A probiotic supplement might support your efforts, but it will not do enough to lose tens of pounds. And that is what a majority of Americans need to lose. Tens of pounds.

So please do not spend money on supplements that support weight loss while you are still visiting the fast food window because it is not going to help you! And that once per week walk around the block or the one visit per week to the gym is also not going to cut it.
YOU HAVE TO EAT LESS CALORIES TO LOSE WEIGHT! If your BMI is over 25 you need to lose weight. Check your BMI at www.cambridgedietarizona.com/bmi-calculator and if you are in the high zone, do something about it!

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