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Why Should You Be Positive About Weight Loss?

FRONTPic signupBeing positive about #weight #loss is really important. A lot of people do not want to start weight loss because they see it as ‘punishment’ because they feel it’s so hard to do. But those negative thoughts about having to lose weight makes it almost impossible to stay on track. Nobody wants to voluntarily punish themselves by denying themselves (good) food! The trick is of course to see weight loss not as punishment but as a reward!

There is tremendous award in weight loss! Think about all the pounds you would not have to lift when you stand up, think about how easy it would be to reach your feet (and sometimes we all have to), think about how fun it would be to climb up a hill or make a long walk, think about not being so tired all the time, and most of all, think about the benefits for your health! When you are overweight or obese, your blood pressure is likely to be high and your cholesterol may also be elevated.

When you are reading this and you are overweight, close your eyes for a moment and think about how fun it would be to have shed those pounds. How fun it would be to fit in several clothing sizes down, or to actually look good in leggings! Just daydream about yourself looking much slimmer than you are now and think what else you could do if you lost the weight that is now slowing you down.

That is the reward of weight loss! Give yourself the gift of a healthy weight by eating consciously. Because every time you put too much not-so-healthy food in your mouth, you need to realize that you are adding to your weight and that you are challenging your health.

Can you imagine the fun you will have next time in a store when you try something on a full size down from what you are wearing now? Or how fun it is to watch yourself in the mirror? Reward yourself!!

We from Cambridge Diet Arizona – and other Cambridge Diet locations – can help you with your weight loss journey. Our products support tremendous weight loss without feeling hungry and they taste great! We love to support you and we love to see your reward!

Be positive about #weight #loss, please!


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