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Why Should You Weigh Yourself Regularly?

Most experts will tell you that you should not #weigh #yourself #every #day, because your weight will fluctuate too much to get a reliable reading on a daily basis. Of course they are right about the fluctuation as your body will indeed vary in weight based on factors like water intake or food intake or not having been to the bathroom yet.

But I have also heard many times from our weight loss clients that they really do not know their body weight when they show up for their first meeting with us. And almost half of them admit that they do not have a scale at home. That doesn’t really surprise me actually. Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought ‘oops, I look older that I did last week’. As the years go by we notice that we are getting older when we compare ourselves to pictures from years ago, but it is hard to tell how much older we get in a week or a month. The same applies to our weight. Nobody looks in the mirror and says ‘wow, I look so much heavier than yesterday‘. Weight gain is normally a slow process that we do not really notice until we are confronted with a picture from (several) years ago and we realize how much we have changed over time.

Weighing yourself regularly is actually a good habit because your weight also tells you something about your health. Being overweight increases health risks. Let’s not go into a discussion about what beauty is because that is all in the eyes of the beholder. Some people like to see skinny, some people like to see curves and some are into big. However, overweight or obesity is not good for our health and puts unnecessary strain on our bodies.

You don’t have to weigh yourself every day, but you should at least weigh yourself once or twice a month to see how your weight progresses over time. And if you see a constant weight gain over a longer period of time you should think of changing some of your behavior. Visiting restaurants less frequently and starting eating healthier foods are easy measures to take to take back control of your weight increase. And if you find you need to lose significant weight – your BMI should be around 22 to maximum 25 – go on a diet and be serious about it. Get control of your weight before it gets out of hand.

Do you weigh yourself regularly? And if you don’t, why?


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