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What Is The Best Way To Lose Weight?

Sports girlThere are thousands of blogs on the Internet about #weight #loss and all these blogs have something interesting to say about the subject but what is the best way to lose weight?  Some blog writers try to sell products for fast and easy weight loss, a lot of blogs advise portion control, many tell you to go exercise even if you do it for only 10 minutes per day, and some blogs tell you that dieting is useless and that you need a change in lifestyle.

So what is the best way to lose weight? The ultimate way is to change lifestyle but that is also the hardest to do. So if you have a goal to lose weight you should be on a strict diet for an extended period in order to lose weight fast enough to stay motivated. Motivation is very important and to stay motivated you should see significant results in a relatively short period. If you lose 5 pounds in the first week you will certainly get a kick out of that and continue. But you also need to change your lifestyle because otherwise you will ultimately gain it all back.

My advice:

1. Go on a diet for several months. In our case, make an appointment with a Cambridge Diet Coach or order Cambridge Diet on-line. Stick to the plan and lose the weight, depending on how much you need to lose, in a couple of months to about a year by losing 1 or 2 pounds per week.

2. Change what you have been eating in the past. Skip the fast food lane and eat better, healthier food. You know very well what is good for you and what is not, right? Of course you can have a, preferably thin crust, pizza slice or two, but not six slices with extra cheese. Makes sense.

3. Move around a bit more and try to do some exercising. Most of us are spending way too much time in the car and on the couch. That is part of our modern day lifestyle but we need to be aware and change that. Walk the stairs, go to a gym, do some sports, hop on a bike, go for a walk (get a dog!), and get your body moving.

And once you have done all that and you have lost the weight and your BMI is around or lower than 25, I GUARANTEE you that you will feel better! You might live longer too!!


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