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Why Is Eating Consciously Helping To Lose Weight?

photodune-326903-family-enjoying-mealmealtime-together-lEating consciously limits your snacking habits and  calorie intake.

Have you ever found yourself watching TV while snacking on a bag of chips? Or driving while eating? Or drinking soda all day while at work? I admit that I have, but I have to tell you that it is a very bad habit that doesn’t contribute to anything but weight gain.

In the first example above, watching TV while snacking, most people just eat the snack without really enjoying it or even realizing that they are eating. At some point the snacking becomes a habit and watching TV without the snack can even become awkward. But if you want to lose weight you should cut this habit out of your behavior and make eating food a conscious activity. That will automatically result in limiting your calorie intake.

Rules for conscious eating are:

1. Always eat at the dinner table and never in any other place in the house. If you want to eat something, go to the table and sit down to eat it. This will make you more aware that you are eating.

2. Take time to eat and eat slowly. Use knife and fork instead of your hands because that helps to slow down and limits the bite size.

3. Enjoy the food. Don’t just chuck it down but take little bites and enjoy each one. Only take the next bite until you have fully swallowed to previous one. Taste each bite and take your time you

4. Do not multi-task while eating. Concentrate on the eating instead of eating while doing something else. You will enjoy your food a lot more if you do. No TV, no driving, no working, no reading. Just eating.

5. Chew your food carefully before you swallow. This will not only slow you down, but will also make you feel fulfilled sooner.

6. Stop at the first sign that you have had enough. As soon as you feel fulfilled you should stop eating. All the food after that point will just be stored by your body. Give your body the time to tell you that you are full by eating slowly.

7. Eat from a smaller plate. Sounds silly but it works because you tend to clean your plate no matter what is on it. Also, your portion will look larger on a small plate.

8. Never take seconds! If you fill your plate you have enough food for that meal. There is no need to take a second portion. The ‘second’ will go to ‘storage’!

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