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How Stress Affects Weight Gain

photodune-326903-family-enjoying-mealmealtime-together-lA lot of people are prone to weight gain when they are under stress. And we all know that in our society we have to deal with a lot of stress. For some it is because they have a job, for others it is because they have lost their job. In many families both parents are working which gives them ample time to deal with the every day life issues. And according to the Center for American Progress in a report from 2010, 26.1% of families is headed by a single parent. How much stress is that causing?

And we have so much information coming to us about tension in the world 24/7. Remember when we had dinner at the dinner table for half an hour with the whole family? Now we are sitting in front of the TV eating quickly because we have so much to do. Unfortunately, according to many studies, stress adds to weight gain. Basically for two reasons. First one is because we are tempted to eat more to fulfill emotional needs, and because in that case we tend to eat the more unhealthy foods as these foods are more ‘rewarding’.

The Second reason is that the body releases hormones when we are stressed. Your body originally used this mechanism to be able to flee from dangerous situations or whenever we felt threatened by the violent world around us.

One hormone is Adrenalin which gives our body extra energy and power to cope with the stress and the other hormone is Cortisol. And Cortisol is being used to replenish the body after the stress has passed and it stays in the body a lot longer than Adrenalin. Cortisone increases the appetite and will cause you to eat more. Not only because you need to but it can also become a habit in stressful situations because eating is easy and rewarding. Unfortunately, modern stress doesn’t require to ‘fight or flee’ so the body will store most of the unneeded fuel as fat around the belly area.

So when you are trying to lose weight but you are stressed about something, be aware of that and try to limit so called ‘stress-eating’.  Although eating is comforting, ultimately you will have to pay a price. If you want to have something rewarding that will help you in your fight against weight gain, go to our site www.cambridgedietarizona.com and order some healthy shakes. They are fulfilling and contain all 27 vitamins and minerals you need!

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