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Which Foods Should Be Banned While You Are On A Diet?

_MG_2620We often hear in our practice that it’s hard for our clients to not eat ‘forbidden foods’ like candy, chips, soda, pizza and what have you. Some of that food is available in the home because the fact that mom or dad is on a diet doesn’t mean automatically that the other family members are on a diet too. And those family members continue to eat all the things that our clients love to eat as well.

Often we notice that if mom or dad is overweight, the children have a tendency to be heavy too. Not always true but often the kids are used to snacking because mom and dad are snacking. Makes total sense. Unfortunately that habit has to go away if one or more family members want to lose weight. And if the habit is supposed to go away, so should the snack food. Bad food such as chips should not be in the home anymore! These foods should either be thrown away or, once it is consumed, should not be replenished. For the family member who is on the diet, the temptation to eat it is often way too big to resist.

Family support is important!

That is why we always ask if the family is willing to support the client. That support is really important because as long as the pantry is full of ‘forbidden’ foods, dieting is almost impossible.

So my advice is that if you are really serious about wanting to lose weight, ask the support of the whole family. Because the bad foods should not be in the home anymore. And that benefits the whole family!

On a positive note; we have often seen weight loss in the whole family when one member is serious about losing some pounds! And when that happens, the whole family benefits!

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