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What does a Cambridge Diet Coach do for you?

free coachingThe hardest part of being on a diet is to stay motivated and to stay committed until you have reached your goal. And that is where our coaches can help you. We know that following a diet is much easier if you apply the diet correctly and when you see that your progress is consistent with the plan and when you have someone with you who is motivated to help you all the way!

If our clients agree, they will meet bi-weekly with our coach – weekly if they want – and do a weigh in. We discuss their progress and they can order product for the coming two weeks. Our clients agree that having these meetings really helps to stay on track!

In the sessions, the coach will introduce the Cambridge Diet and how the diet should be followed. You will also have the opportunity to taste the products so that you can choose the flavors you like best! During the meeting every other week the progress will be discussed and advice will be given to stay on track. Your coach is there to motivate you and answer all questions you might have.

Regularly visiting your coach will make the diet process easier and will keep you focused. And your coaches will also reward you for new referrals by giving you FREE products (one can/pouch for every new client who starts to buy!)

You may have tried diets on your own before and failed to stay on track, or you may have spent a (lot of) money attending weight loss clinics, and if so, you know how difficult it is to lose all the weight you really want and keep it off. Our coaches went through the same and that is the very reason they are really motivated to help you reach your goal. They have been there!

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