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Why Sugar Causes a Health Risk

colasSugar can be found in almost every food item and is the main source of energy for our body, so why would sugar cause a health risk?

Well, the issue is that too much sugar causes fat to build up in our body because the sugar that is not used by the muscles is being stored for future use. Consuming sugar triggers the pancreas to produce Insulin and this hormone regulates the sugar flow into our cells. Increased levels of insulin will make you fat and keep you fat. And what is more, sugar is addictive. That is because sugar does not trigger another important hormone called Leptin that helps control appetite. Actually,  studies have shown that sugar-rich diets generate a very strong reward-signal in the brain, which can actually lead to addiction. So when we consume a lot of sugar, two things happen; we store fat and we crave more. You can imagine what that effect that can have on the body.

And we all have experienced this to be true in our lives. Once we start on a food that contains a high level of sweetness such as candy or cookies, we want more and we continue to eat even if we promised ourselves not to. Test yourself; buy a bag of M&Ms and only eat two per day until the bag is empty. For many of us, including myself, this is almost impossible to do.

You may know someone who says he or she is addicted to Coca Cola and although that sounds like joking, that person could actually be right. Given the high level of sugar in some sodas you can really get addicted to them. One can of regular Coca Cola contains 39 grams of sugar which is about 10 sugar cubes! See how much that is in the picture which I found on www.sugarstacks.com.

So my advice to you is to always check the label for the sugar level of any food item you buy. Food producers know about our addiction to sugars and add sugar to almost every food product. Even regular milk contains added sugar. Assume you buy fat free milk because you want to do it right. Did you realize that one serving of one cup of milk contains 12g of sugar (Organics Fat Free Milk, info on the carton label) or about 3 sugar cubes? Similar situations apply to many other products which are labeled ‘fat free’. You think you are doing the right thing when you buy them but actually you are loading up on sugar. So given that sugar is artificially added in almost every food item nowadays it is safe to say that sugar causes a major health risk and should be consumed with caution.

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