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Why is Losing Weight a Project? (#weight #losing weight #diet)


If you want to lose weight you need to see that as being on a project. Losing weight is not something you can do on the side but requires that you are very dedicated and patient. Why do I say that? Well, if you decide to lose (a lot of) weight by changing your eating habits you have to be very consistent and you have to keep that up for months. And every time you eat you need to focus on the process. A few rules:


  • Don’t eat more that you need. The very first time you think ‘I am full’ you need to stop immediately
  • Eat slowly. Don’t put it in your mouth and swallow. Eat slowly and take your time for it. You will feel more satisfied sooner.
  • Eat consciously. For instance do not eat in the car while driving or in front of the TV. When you eat you need to really enjoy it and that requires your full attention.

The Project

When you want to lose weight you will have to start by making yourself the promise to lose the pounds and to keep going at it. Promise yourself that you will lose the pounds and that you will only stop losing when you have reached your goal. YOU are the manager of YOUR weight loss project and YOU are the beneficiary. YOU are doing it for YOURSELF and for nobody else and nothing will stand in your way. Tell others about your project and ask for the support of the people around you. You are on a mission to redefine yourself and your looks and you can use all the support you can get to reach your goal.

A project has a starting point, a goal, a timeline and actions that need to be fulfilled to reach the end-goal. Set a realistic weight loss goal and expect to lose one to three pounds per week. Define what you want to do, like going to a fitness studio or signing up with Weight Watchers, or following a Cambridge Diet and follow through. You are your own project manager and your task is to finish the project. Because losing weight is a project, and not something you do on the side.


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