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Dieting during the Holidays

woman  drinking milk shakeDieting during the Holidays is hard?

Some of our clients say that being on a diet is extra hard during the Holidays and they are right. Everything about the Holidays is about food it seems. That is certainly the case with Thanksgiving. We all remember why we celebrate it and the essence of that celebration is actually enjoying the food that day. So not participating in that food-fest is as if you are not participating in the celebration at all and that makes it especially hard for those who actually want to limit their food intake and lose some weight. I understand that completely. But on the other hand, we only celebrate Thanksgiving one day, right? And the traditional food is Turkey, correct?  Lean, white meat Turkey. So what’s the deal here?  Of course you can join the Thanksgiving meal celebration and have your turkey. And mesh potatoes. Just not that many potatoes. And the next day you can eat some more left over turkey, no problem.  And for those who like to drink a glass of wine, you can have it. And when you step on the scale the next day you may have gained a pound or two. Not a big deal. Just get on the diet again the day after and you will see that the weight gain is gone in just one or two days. No biggie.

Snacks, soda, wine and beer.
The largest contributors to weight gain are the snacks, the sodas, the wine and the beer. Not only during the Holidays but throughout the year.
The snacks, because you are eating them often unconsciously and in large quantities. Once the family-sized chip bag is open it needs to be emptied, right? Certainly a no, no. Keep it out of the home as much as possible.

The sodas. Oh, the sodas! One can of regular Coca Cola contains 139 calories (http://www.coca-cola.co.uk/faq/health/calories-in-330ml-can-of-coca-cola.html). That is only one can and some folks I know drink multiple cans per day.  Go to the Coca Cola web site link above and find out what you would need to do to burn off that one can of Cola!

Wine is healthy because of the antioxidants but are you aware that one glass contains 125 to 150 calories? (http://wine.about.com/od/wineandhealth/a/Wine-Calories.htm). That is as much as the Cola. Drinking a fluid is not always considered ‘eating’ because it doesn’t look like much. But one glass of Budweiser contains 145 calories which explains the existence of the so-called ‘beer-belly’.

So, like with everything, moderation is key. Enjoy the Holidays!

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