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How does the ‘2 pound rule’ work when you are on a diet?

Cambridge Diet TomatoThe ‘2 pound rule’

Last week I talked about weight gain after losing weight and I want to discuss some more about that. After our clients have lost their weight we continue coaching them to avoid the weight gain. The rule that we apply to do that is called the ‘2 pound rule’. It is a simple rule and the Cambridge Diet perfectly allows applying it. Cambridge Diet is effective because it replaces conventional meals with low calorie shakes and soups that are genuine fulfilling.

At the start of the diet plan, all meals can be replaced by Cambridge but over time conventional food will be introduced again. That way there will be a gradual transfer from the diet to conventional food. At some point Cambridge Diet meals are not necessary anymore and at that time we like to introduce the ‘2 pound rule’. The rule says that as soon as the person gains two pounds or more, one meal is being replaced again by a Cambridge Diet replacement meal. That continues until the 2 pounds have been lost again. We have experienced that is an easy way to maintain the weight.

This is a simple but effective rule and it helps to keep the weight off. We believe strongly in weight loss coaching. Our formula is a mix of low calorie replacement meals to get the weight off combined with our continuous coaching. And we do the coaching for free. Every two weeks our clients come to see us and we keep them on track to reach their goals. And when we are done, the ‘2 pound rule’ kicks in!

And we will always be available for additional coaching to keep the weight off. That is our promise.


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