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How can you keep the weight off after you have lost it?

Free Coaching OfferKeep the weight off after you have lost it.

It is said that 85% of people who lost weight, gain it all back in the next 5 years. So only 15% of the people who ever lost weight with a diet or just by eating less and healthier were able to keep that weight off. Most people go back to their way of life from before the weight loss which means eating too much and too often eating unhealthy fast food and snacks. Much of that is to blame to those who are overweight because they cannot stand it when others are trying to lose weight. They encourage eating because they want the person on the diet to fail. You do not believe that?  I have plenty of examples from our practice that prove this. Lunches have to be done at restaurants and saying ‘no’ is not acceptable. Companies are getting pizza for lunch (really!) from the pizza delivery across the street. Parties have to be celebrated at the restaurant because we don’t want all those people at our homes anymore. At least that is how parties are celebrated here in Arizona. That may be different in other places though.

You cannot stop with dieting once you have lost the weight. That is when the challenge starts actually. Slowly the bad habits creep in again. After all, now that you are thin you can eat a bit more, right?  I sometimes hear people say “it is easy for you to say, you are skinny”. Wake up people, how do you think that skinny people remain skinny?  They are aware of how much they are eating. They do not stand in line for breakfast at the fast food window. This is one of the worst habits of all I believe: Eating breakfast in the car that was bought at a fast food drive thru. Is some cereal at home not good enough? And don’t tell me you don’t have time to have breakfast at home because the waiting line at the fast food lane is easy 15 minutes! That is enough time to have some at home.

And let me tell you people, being the right size feels so much better! I love food as well, but I do not like a belly that prohibits me from tying my shoe laces. I don’t like panting when I climb just one flight of stairs and I do not like sweating all over when it is only 80s out there. Who enjoys that?

So let’s get that weight off and let’s keep it off for ever. Don’t step into the pitfall and start eating like you did before you lost the weight. Live healthier and enjoy the weight loss. Go for a walk and play on the floor with the (grand-) children. You are worth it. Life is worth it. Your health is worth it.

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