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Three easy phases to lose weight with Cambridge Diet

_MG_2620The easiest way to lose weight is by simply eating less and healthier, but that is easier said than done for most overweight people. With the stress of every day life and the temptation of restaurants and fast food chains at every corner, eating less is not always an simple option. Fitness is healthy but time consuming and doesn’t get the weight off so much, so what is the alternative?

Cambridge Diet meal replacement shakes are a very good alternative to get the weight off and, more importantly, keep it off.   We have defined 3 easy to follow phases which are guaranteed to generate the desired weight loss result:

Phase 1, Fast Start Plan:
For those who are seriously motivated this phase can be followed for about 2 to 3 weeks. All meals are being replaced by 5 shakes/soups/oatmeal that will fill you up but only contain a total of 550 to 700 calories. All nutrition needed is in the shakes/soups/oatmeal so there is no health issue at all. During these first 2 to 3 weeks, most people will lose between 10 and 20 pounds which is a great motivation to continue with the weight loss and move on to the second phase.

Phase 2: Regular Plan:
Once the body is shedding fat, a low calorie conventional dinner (about 500 calories) is introduced. The other meals are still being replaced by 3 to 4 shakes. This brings to total calorie consumption to about 800 – 1000 calories per day and continued weight loss will be the result.

Phase 3: Maintenance Plan:
More conventional meals are introduced and one or two shakes are taken to replace mostly breakfast or lunch. A balance is found between conventional meals and shakes to keep the weight off. We apply the 2 pound rule: every time 2 or more pounds are gained, a meal is replaced by a shake or soup to get that weight off again. One trick is to drink a shake or soup 30 minutes prior to a conventional meal which will make it easier to limit that meal and not feel hungry.

During each of the phases at least eight glasses of 8 oz. (flavored) water have to be consumed.

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