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10 excuses we regularly hear for failing a diet

diet excusesIn our practice we hear a number of excuses on a regular basis for failing a diet.

But while many overweight people have fun at a restaurant and appear to not care about their weight, many are actually not happy about their weight: Moving around is not easy, exercise is hard to do and keeping up with the kids is almost impossible and what is fun about that? Nothing! So why are not more people seriously trying to get the weight off then? The main reason I think is because losing weight is not half as fun as gaining weight. Gaining weight is easy; all you do is eat too much of the food you love so much. Losing weight however, means saying no to all that tasty food and that is difficult to do for many of us. So we find excuses for not being able to lose weight.
The top 10:

1. “I want to lose weight but I have an event coming up so I will start after that”. What is that about? You either want to lose weight or you don’t and if you do, you let nothing stand in the way! You can have all the fun in the world at that event while having a low calorie chicken salad! There is never a better time to start a diet than right now. You can even start right before Thanksgiving.
2. “I have a thyroid problem so I cannot be on a diet”. Although I admit that for people with a low performing thyroid losing weight is harder,  a thyroid issue should be all the more motivation to make it a goal not to gain (too much) weight! Please don’t use the thyroid as the excuse to eat all you want but be aware of your thyroid problem and actively act against it.
3. “Everybody in my family is big so I am too”. Is weight gain in your genes? Science studies say that being overweight is not hereditary. The European Food Information Council says it nicely “You do not inherit fat, just a tendency to become fat. The women in your family may tend to store excess weight around their thighs while the men expand around their bellies, but whether you accumulate this fat in the first place depends on the way you lead your life.” Of course its harder to be on a diet if everybody around you is eating more than they should, but leading by example may even motivate them to losing some weight themselves.
4. “I have done many diets and they do not work for me”. Sorry, but that is nonsense. Every diet works if followed strictly. One diet may be more effective or easier to follow than another, but in principle they all work. But a diet does not help if you follow it only a few days or even a few weeks. You gained the weight over a longer period and it will take considerable time to lose the weight again. Being on a diet to lose weight should be seen as a project. Projects have a start date, a finish date, a defined goal, and a method to get to that goal. And the project is only finished when the goal has been reached. Not any time sooner.
5. “I am so much over-weight so I will most likely fail”. Believe me, it is never ever too late to start! Every day you consume more calories than you use is a day wasted. Own the project, define your goal, and make it happen! Only you can do that! Ask for help from others and go do it!
6. “It is too expensive to follow a diet”. We often hear this excuse and it is totally not the case. How can eating less be more expensive? I know that some diet-meals are pricey, but so is going out to a restaurant and have an appetizer, an entree and a dessert! Do not see the diet as an extra expense, but also as the replacement of the meals you would otherwise have!
7. “I don’t like to be on a diet”. True, its not always fun not to be able to eat all you crave for. The fun however, is in standing on the scale and seeing the weight come off! Fun is to be able to go up the stairs without being exhausted. Fun is running with the kids. Fun is not being tired all day. I am sure you can come up with some other ‘funs’. Make a list for yourself and own that list!
8. “I am addicted to food”. This is the hard one. Some of us are really addicted to food and cannot do this by themselves. Please people, get help! Food is the hardest addiction to overcome, because we all need to eat. So do not try to limit your intake all by yourself: Find people to lose weight with you, go to a weight loss coach or clinic or to a nutritionist for professional support. Do not fill the pantry up with junk food; what is not there you cannot eat. One good way is to drink replacement meal shakes as they are low in calories but they make you feel full. Find distractions from eating. But please, please, please, make the effort!
9. “I want to lose weight but I have other priorities”. The easiest excuse in the book and also the easiest to overcome. Dieting can be done while doing all other things you need to do too. Tomorrow is not the best day to start; today is! Whatever comes your way, do not get distracted from your diet. Once you start the project, you stick to it no matter what.
10. “I want to be over-weight”. Some people may indeed. Nobody can help them because they do not want the help. But they have to realize, like everybody else, that being overweight brings major health risks. And I do not believe being overweight is worth the risk.

So look up the BMI calculator on this site and put in your data. If you have a BMI of over 25, do something about it. Your body will be grateful and you will be a happier, healthier you! No excuses please!

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7 Responses so far.

  1. Katherine says:

    The pounds reduction properties of acai berry could be largely explained through the increased metabolic rate it causes This occurs simply because from the really large amount of antioxidants substances which prevent oxidative stress and cell damage it consists of.

    • Ria says:

      The acai berry may be supporting increased metabolic rate but the contribution to actual weight loss is highly overstated in the cemmercials.

  2. Where did you get the info for this?

  3. brenda gossett says:

    Years ago I enjoyed being on Cambridge products. And it worked for me. At the time, back in the early 80’s the company had the drinks, and soups.
    My question is, through the years I began to have allergy to soy products. NOW, i’M DIABETIC
    Can you tell what the product has in it for protein?
    I know insulin makes it difficult to lose fat, but I would love to try this again.

    • Okke Alberda says:

      Hi Brenda,
      I found your comment! You had my wife Ria on the phone and told her that you entered your name on our web site but we had not realized you entered it as a comment on my blog. Sorry about that. The protein in the product is ‘isolated soy protein’. Not sure that would cause an allergic reaction; so far we have not experienced allergic reactions from anyone.
      Since you are diabetic (type 1 or type 2?) you should consult your doctor regularly when you are on the diet. Because your body weight will decrease, your glucose level in your blood will lower and as a result you should lower the insulin intake accordingly. You should not follow the diet below 1200 calories per day which means you can replace breakfast and lunch or dinner with Cambridge Diet but you should have a regular meal for lunch or dinner every day. We have had some pre-diabetic clients who are now off medication. They also consulted their doctors and their physicians were very please with the results. You can see one comment from a client called Kelli Chestnut on the front page of our web site at the bottom of the page. As agreed, I will be happy to send you a sample and you are more than welcome to visit me for a consult and try a shake. Let us know!
      Okke Alberda

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